Demand Generation Case Study

From desktop to data center virtualization, our client is the leader in providing virtualization solutions world-wide. Customers of all sizes rely on our client to reduce CAPEX and OPEX to ensure business continuity, strengthen security and go green. Their broad and proven suite of virtualization solutions addresses a range of complex challenges facing IT organizations, including:

  • Server Consolidation & Infrastructure Optimization
  • Business Continuity
  • Virtual Lab Automation
  • Enterprise Desktop Management

Customer Challenges

The client wanted to increase its presence in India and contacted us for generating sales leads from companies having a certain minimum number of servers, across various industry verticals. The client had also upgraded its product and was facing a challenge in getting its users to switch to the modified product.

iSOURCe solution

A dedicated team of iSOURCe’s research professionals engaged with IT and business decision-makers of various corporations to get them to evaluate the client’s virtualization solution. Through several data building and demand generation exercises our researchers were able to identify potential business prospects and develop a sales pipeline for the client. iSOURCe also contacted all the existing users and conducted an up-sell exercise which resulted in many of them switching to the upgraded model. iSOURCe worked on the data generated from the client events and profiled the companies and contacts in this data . These profiles were then used for lead generation.


iSOURCe delivered ROI to the client in the following ways:

  • Data build activity: Client received a database comprising 10,220 corporations profiled by iSOURCe as per the number of servers used. This profiling generated details of a total of 34,992 contacts which could be readily used for lead generation.

  • iSOURCe profiled 2,094 companies and gathered details of 4,324 contacts from lists of registrants for events and seminars conducted by the client.
  • iSOURCe generated leads from the events conducted by the client on a regular basis.
  • Lead Generation: The client received 1,662 leads of companies, out of which they were able to close 222 deals worth $4,440,000, as a result of iSOURCe’s lead generation activities.
  • Data Refresh activities: iSOURCe refreshed existing databases of the client by profiling 6,891 companies which included re-verification of details of 25,284 contacts.
  • iSOURCe became the client’s sole contact partner in India and handled all incoming toll-free calls, regarding events, seminars, training certifications, procurement and implementation of software, for the client.

Client Speak

"Thanks for being a great support and helping our customers/partners. Keep up the spirit of enabling others. THANK YOU!.”

Regional Manager, Forum Nokia APAC

“Thank you, iSOURCe! Your team continues doing a great job of helping APC MGE. Please thank them all.”

Senior director, APC

" Very Nice…..good job…..Thank you….nothing more needed."

Country Manager, Trend Micro.

"Top notch work…."

Country Manager, Trend Micro.

"This is a small note of appreciation from me to thank you all for the hard work and thorough analysis on our lead gen programs. The results submitted by us were accepted as a 'Best Practice' for APAC. Truly appreciate your efforts."

Manager, Trend Micro.

"Hey, thanks for ontime delivery!."

Business Head, Locuz Enterprise Solutions Ltd.

"Great Work! Thanks."

Country Director, Avaya

"Good work team .We have a total of 30 registrations through the activity which is as per our initial target."

Marketing Executive, Orange Business Services